A Brief Introduction to the Importance of Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of every home. It is one of the most complicated rooms in a house and is equally challenging to layout due to its various components. Kitchens have separate structures that have their utility and assembling them is a considerable task altogether.

Kitchen Designs That Add Style To Our Homes

However, kitchens can be made to look sleek and straightforward using designs suggested by remodelers, interior designers, architects, or pictures on the Internet. Starting from the basic structure, the attachments, appliances, walkways, all have to pre-planned. Doors, windows, appliances, additional fittings require their own space, and thus, their place should be chalked out in the plan.

Kitchens are not only spaces for making food. Neither is the main objective to make it look stylish and sleek. The entire purpose of a structured kitchen design is to make the space all the more functional and easily navigable.

How Are Kitchen Designs Planned

Layouts for kitchens are made considering a number of factors that are directly related to the kitchen space. This includes the adjustment of the kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, places for storage, and electronic appliances. The floor plan is prepared, which is the framework for construction and installation. This floor plan includes the work-space, the path traced by people in the kitchen which contains the range of movement in the space.

When it comes to selecting attachments, storage solutions, and additional set-ups, the floor plan comes to the rescue. The overall layout of a kitchen decides its maximum functionality.

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Different Kinds Of Kitchen Designs

There are five basic kitchen types that can be adopted for any room of any size. Depending n the type of floor plan, the kitchen utilises more space or provides more functionality accordingly.
Additionally, a counter can be added in the middle to allow more operational factor.

This counter can be added, considering the total size of the kitchen. Using the counter, an extension to the storage is added. However, one needs to keep in mind the area for walking around. The kitchen designers or remodelers can help you out regarding the accommodation.

Any shape or size fits in the kitchen as long as it does not add inconvenience to the entire structure.

There are five basic kinds of kitchen layouts. They are:

  • L shaped
  • G shaped
  • U shaped
  • Galley
  • Single wall

More On Kitchen Designs And Layouts

The kitchen layouts decide the basic structure of a kitchen. However, the rest of it can be adjusted by deciding the right kind of cabinetry.

  • L Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L shaped kitchen layouts have a continuous counter-top which covers two adjacent walls. Thus, there are two work stations in total, allowing more work-space, more storage space, and more space in the room for movement. These type of kitchens usually open to another place and are best suited for open kitchen arenas.

  • U Shaped Kitchen Layout

This is the most sought after layout as it provides maximum efficiency. The counter-top covers three walls and offers maximum space for work. There is storage space on all three sides. The area for movement in the room is massive, which can be further divided into separate work stations.

  • G Shaped Kitchen Layout
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This is a variation of the U shaped kitchen design, but the difference lies in the fact that the fourth side partially extends to provide a counter that is three and a half side long. It takes up a similar amount of room. The counter can be divided into three separate parts with ample space for moving around.

  • Single Wall Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout fits just right in homes which have less carpet area. Smaller rooms allow for single wall kitchen layout which usually has a single counter attached to one wall. In this case, efficient attachments are needed, such as pull-outs above or below the pantry. However, this also finds usage in studio apartments as it makes use of minimum space.

  • Galley Kitchen

This kitchen design is made to accommodate just one cook. The work station or counters face one another in a corridor-like area allowing a person to work on both spaces simultaneously. This type of kitchen designs is found in restaurants, pantries, and trains.


No matter what the requirements may be, make sure to make full use of your kitchen space. Peak utility of the kitchen area is the most crucial factor while determining the kitchen layout.
In a basic household, the fundamental tasks require the addition of a sink, water supply essentials, hooks and shelves, refrigerator, cabinets, cooking top, and work tables. A perfect balance between all of these helps one to achieve an efficient kitchen space with a fully functional kitchen triangle.

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