Office Building Renovations

5 Office Building Renovations To Try In 2018


If you’re thinking about renovating your old-fashioned office, you’re taking a step in the right direction! The office workplace as we know it is rapidly changing, and it’s high time to make your workspace reflect that change. Take into account wireless technology, a remote or part-time workforce, and other modern factors.

When you’re renovating according to what’s trending in 2018, you can stand to make your workplace much more productive.

Let’s explore some of these trends below.

1. Converting Your Workspace Into An Open Office

Converting Your Workspace Into An Open Office
Many workspaces are going away with partitions while cultivating a social, interactive environment. Private offices are dwindling down to a minimal number and only being constructed as an absolute necessity. This has led to the idea of open offices where colleagues are conveniently able to interact with each other.

If your coworkers also like the idea of having an open office, search for some Lantern & Scroll options and get enough lighting for the whole workspace at once. The open space will help in maximizing daylight as well as the electric lights you install, thus bringing down your energy bill.
Even if you’re worried about the dust and grime that can be accumulated on the office furniture and flooring, don’t be because business janitorial services are just a few clicks away.

2. Managing Noise And Privacy

Of course, you may have some complaints about noise, difficulty concentrating, and the lack of privacy in an open workplace. You may hence want something like translucent panels or frosted glass for those who prefer a more closed-off work environment.

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Another idea is to get a booth or enclave installed for the purpose of private phone calls or similar issues. Since everyone has their own smartphone, they don’t have to rely on their office landlines and can easily move about.

3. Constructing Smaller Workstations

Constructing Smaller Workstations
If the nature of your business is such that you require individual workstations for employees, keep in mind that they don’t need to be as big as they were even around a decade ago. So, how about renovating the entire office and reconstructing stylish cubicles with smaller sizes? All your employees need is a desk to keep their laptop on and a small drawer for snacks. There’s not much need for huge file cabinets, hard copies of files, or other documents anymore.

Smaller workstations can easily be built in the form of six-by-six workstations. Of course, you may not even have to close it off, since the open space trend is ongoing. This way, you can avail the remaining space for official meetings with potential clients.

4. Building Team Rooms Instead Of Conference Rooms

Building Team Rooms Instead Of Conference Rooms
When you shrink the workstation, you automatically leave more room for larger gatherings. However, these gatherings would probably be for teamwork and team meetings, not conferences with one leader conducting everything.

An oversized conference room is a waste of space and money, so consider have varying capacities for differently-sized groups. For instance, you could take the space for five full-sized conference rooms and make up a few team rooms out of it. They might have the capacities for four, six, or even eight people at once. Since conferences are now also conducted in a virtual environment, having only large conference rooms simply doesn’t make much sense anymore.

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5. Getting Flexible Space

Getting Flexible Space
Many organizations have faced accelerating speeds of growth in just a few years. There are several procedures growing obsolete even as we speak, while other operations for advanced technology need more space. Work groups might shrink, grow, and need the required adjustments.

You should hence think about making your new office space as flexible as possible. This may include removable partitions, moveable walls, sliding doors, raised flooring, standardized furniture, and several other options.

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