5 Certifications That Marketers Should Go For

The explosion of digital marketing has changed the way we do business. It’s also changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions. No longer are they swayed by a flyer in the mail or television ad. Now, consumers are tech-savvy and want to do business with brands that understand what they want, in addition to creating a memorable user experience. It’s no wonder that so many companies will start using things like these Pay Per Click Management guide from Whitehat to help them keep on top of everything. However, for some people, they want to be able to do things themselves.

So, whether you’re a marketing entrepreneur or work as part of a team, here are 5 certifications you need to add to your marketing arsenal:

W3 Schools

Knowing how to market effectively is now only one part of the equation. Marketers also need to know their way around a website. Content may still be king, but user experience takes first place. If your website is cluttered or difficult to navigate, it doesn’t matter how well written your content is or how you well you market your brand.

Simply put, no one is going to stick around it to find out. On W3, you can quickly learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, which allows you to create beautiful user experiences while maximizing your marketing strategy and creating your storybrand certified guide.

Google Analytics

Marketing is a multi-faceted position, and as such, you need to know how to read the stats that come from your marketing efforts. Learning Google Analytics allows you to take lackluster campaigns and transform them into top-tier performers. Certification is cut and dry, so all you need is the time to learn and master it.

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Google Adwords

Ranking on first-page results is what most brands want. However, without the right keywords, your SEO efforts won’t get you very far. That’s where Google Adwords comes in. While some marketers attest that Google Adwords is useless, the stats speak for themselves. The reach you can achieve once you master the process is phenomenal. Besides, once you have a clear indication of which keywords rank the highest, you can then implement them into your storybrand certified guide.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps you create, organize, and post all of your social media campaigns all in one place. Since most marketers manage multiple accounts or even numerous clients at one time, being able to analyze performance data in all in one place quickly.

Facebook Ads

Even though Instagram has become the go-to choice for advertising, Facebook still has its fair share of benefits. With the average user spending at least an hour a day on Facebook, not learning Facebook Ads are selling both you and your client short. With this amount of engagement, businesses heavily rely on Facebook advertising to get their brand out in the open. Understanding how to reach your target audience when they are online can significantly boost your ROI.


Hubspot is a great place for people who are looking to jump into the world of marketing. On Hubspot, you can earn your certification in content marketing, inbound, and social media. Also, the best way to build your marketing funnel, you’re also able to refine your marketing strategies and learn the best way to integrate inbound marketing into your current plan. You can check out these free sales funnel templates to help with your marketing strategies.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of the marketing niche, you need to know what your target audience wants, where they hand out the most, and how to deliver content that converts. Choose certifications that exemplify your skills and don’t spread yourself too thin. Marketing needs to be organic, so a little extra knowledge can make that happen. If you are really struggling with your business’ marketing then it might be worth speaking to the experts; this Top Marketing Agency in North Carolina has been highly recommended, so it might be worth getting in touch.

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