8 Easy Upgrades to Make Your Bathroom Pop

Many people don’t focus on their bathroom and its décor when it’s a space that tells most about your style. Interestingly, it doesn’t take much to make your bathroom look stylish. You would be surprised at how the smallest and the simplest upgrade can change the face of your bathroom. The walls, ceiling, floor, everything matters when it comes to elevating the style of any space.
Here are some easy upgrades anyone can make to make their bathroom pop.

Clean Everything

The first thing you need to do if you want the space to look beautiful is to clean your bathroom! Rub the floor and walls and get rid of the black spots that tend to accumulate on the ceiling. Think of your walls and floor as a canvas. As long as the canvas is dirty, nothing you paint on it will look good.

The same rule applies to the rest of the area. From Jacuzzi cleaning to sink cleaning, make sure that when you are done, everything has a light sheen on it. The cleanup alone can instantly make your bathroom radiant.

Medicine Cabinet

Are you tired of your toothpaste falling in your sink every time you are reaching for your toothbrush? I know I am! Stop picking up your brushes and tablets from the sink, and create a storage upgrade (commonly known as a medicine cabinet). My personal favorite idea for a medicine cabinet is to install a mirror on its door. You get to utilize the space, and it looks stylish.

Install Lots of Lights

Lighting can transform any space. The same bathroom that looks gloomy in dim lighting will look lively when it is brightly lit. LED ceiling lights will highlight every aspect of the bathroom.

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Another trick is to install lighting just above the mirror. Your bathroom mirror is the place where you will get ready for numerous occasions. It will not help if you can barely see your face. It is especially necessary for women as their makeup can get severely affected by poor lighting.

Statement Sink

Your sink acts as a major focal point in the bathroom, make sure it’s a good one. Upgrading your sink may be a larger project, but it is still smaller than replacing other fixtures. With a new sink, you will also get to choose a new faucet, something that does not remind you of the 80s.

If you want to go an extra mile, then add drama with color, shape and material choice. The choice you make will depend on your style and budget.

Vintage Towel Rack

Almost all the bathrooms have a towel hanger. Do something out of the ordinary and go for a towel rack instead. You need somewhere to hang/put the towels, why not get creative?
Traditional towel racks can be boring. Instead of a conventional plastic bar, go for a vintage-inspired bathroom wall fixture where you can store your towels. You can hang your towel on the hanging area below the shelf, and place the rest of the folded towels on the rack.

Add Some Texture

The rugs and curtains in your bathroom can add texture to your space. If you have a tiled floor, you can put a small rug to complement it. For windows, choose pastel-colored curtains with patterns.


A freshly-tiled floor will not only brighten up your bathroom but your mood as well. If your bathtub is attached to your bathroom walls, tiling around it would be a great option. It is a nifty trick to create water resistance and stain-resistance.

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If you want to add a pop of color, choose pastel-colored tiles to create a sophisticated look. The tiles will spruce up your bathroom and will keep your walls from getting dirty all the time.

Gallery Wall

The idea of a gallery wall has been around for some time, but people have only begun to introduce it in the bathrooms. A gallery wall in a bathroom will elevate the space by adding art to a room. If you are lucky enough to have ample space on your bathroom walls, you can put it to good use by hanging large portraits or paintings. Even if you have a small space, you can hang small individual pictures. However, do not hang expensive art in the bathroom as the environment can be damp and destroy your work.

With these tips, you can upgrade your bathroom and make it look modish! Have a great day!

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