Organising Your Room With Useful Boxes

Clutter can suck the energy out of any room and rob your peace of mind. Fortunately, a little decluttering and organising can make the house less chaotic. Instead of investing in expensive storage, you can come up with creative storage solutions. With boxes, you can maintain some semblance of order and decorate a room. However, if you want to use storage containers, you need to declutter first. Otherwise, you will end-up hiding clutter in the boxes.

You can separate items that require deep storage from the frequently used items. Once you have categorised your belongings identify the best containers for the items. Here are a few really useful boxes and how to use them to organise your room:


Baskets have multiple functions and add warmth to a room. Their different shapes and sizes help them blend into the theme of the house and become decorative pieces. They are also excellent for storing small items and keeping them in order. You can use baskets in your bathroom to hold extra toiletries or in the kitchen to store rarely used utensils. If you have open baskets, they are perfect for frequently used items like snacks, toys, pet food, laundry, or mail. With an open basket, your family members are likely to drop items in it, keeping the house neat and tidy.

Plastic Drawers

Unstacking plastic tubs to access items is time-consuming. However, if you use acrylic storage drawers, items in each compartment will be easily accessible. Drawers are also great organisers in the house. You can use them in your home office to store stationery and other office supplies. They also come in handy in the kitchen for organising the area under the sink.

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In the bathroom, you can use them to keep toiletries and make-up supplies. In a busy room, plastic drawers are perfect since you can label the items.

Fabric Bins

Fabric bins are available in different patterns, colours, and sizes that add aesthetic appeal to your home. They tone down the chaos of a room by holding all the small items. You can get a bigger fabric storage bin if you want to store larger items. The round fabric bins also make great laundry hampers. Alternatively, you can get fabric totes for your bedroom. They are useful in storing sweaters, wallets, and clutches.

Stackable bins

Stacking acrylic bins are really useful boxes for maximising space in the house. You can get them in different colours to match the theme of the room or use them as decorative pieces. They are stackable, which means you can separate items and access them without making a mess. Besides storing socks, toys, and shoes, you can use them in the bathroom to stack extra toiletries or towels. In the kitchen, they store extra utensils or pantry items.

Trash cans

While they do not sound like conventional storage options, trash cans have numerous benefits. They are excellent for arranging large items neatly in corners like paper wrappers or long and narrow toys.

With a little creativity, boxes make excellent storage containers for your belongings. When you find the right storage bins for your items, you can keep your house tidy and save space.

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