Why You Can Never Go Wrong with a Vertical Electric Radiator

There are countless radiator types you can pick from to infuse your house with extra style. One of the most striking is the vertical electric radiator.

Including a plethora of brands for you to choose from, the vertical electric radiator has a wide range and a beautiful set of designs. Within its radiator species you’ll find all manner of diverse models, and all from some of the best brands on the market today. If you need something more portable, however, check out a review by Your Best Picks to find the best option there. If not, then these fixed radiators are perfect. So what types of home and room suit an electric vertical radiator, and what are the benefits of having one?

What is a vertical electric radiator?

A vertical electric radiator is pretty self explanatory when you think about it,. These are radiators which fit the category of taller than they are wide, and using an electrical heat output as opposed to a central heating or dual fuel output. These qualities mean that there are a range of different types of vertical electric rad, and all are as flexible as the next.

How does the electric radiator work?

An electric radiator works not through central heating but through being powered by the mains. The electricity produces heat which is circulated around the body of the radiator, meaning that all you need is a plug socket and a thermostatic valve to make your radiator work.

Vertical electric towel rails

One of the most popular vertical electric radiators is the towel rail. This is a vertical radiator of any design which has had a towel rail attached to its exterior. This towel rail is often itself heated, and means that wherever you place your radiator, it will keep your towels warm and dry, saving space and providing a multifunctional design that will be as useful as it is comforting. It’s a great addition to any home, and this list of the best heated towel racks can help you make an informed decision about what heated rail would suit your home best.

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Vertical electric panel radiators

Panel radiators are usually emboldened with unique finishes and striking colours, making them perfect for a more eye catching radiator. These radiators are high in their BTU output and project a minimalist boldness, ensuring that wherever you place it, the radiator will work as a work of art as well as a functional heating unit.

Vertical electric column radiators

The column radiator often comes with a laddered design, creating columns of heated poles, either vertically or horizontally. The laddered column radiator is another example of a towel or clothes warming unit, giving you the chance to indulge in efficient luxury at great value prices.

What rooms are best for an electric vertical radiator?

So where does an electric vertical radiator belong? When it comes down to it, you want the room or space you install it to into benefit from the multifunctionality, flexibility and high BTU which can come with the best vertical electric radiators.

There are two main spaces in any home where these types of radiators are utilised.

The bathroom and the kitchen.

The bathroom and kitchen perfect places for vertical electric radiators. For starters, the rooms are low on space due to their use of various necessary utilities and appliances, and so the optimisation of height over wall width is a great start, plus with laddered and towel rail designs, you’re looking at a wide range of uses for storage and drying. These spaces are also rarely heated in the same way as the rest of the house and only used at certain points of the day, not continuously. That means having a radiator which can be turned on and off at will is ideal.

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