The Life Aquatic: Exploring San Diego Marine Life

Where are you planning to take your family for this coming summer holiday? If you have not decided yet, how about planning a trip to explore San Diego Marine Life. It would be a great holiday for the whole family because San Diego is famous for its beautiful natural harbours, great place for surfing and of course, the beautiful weather.

There are various options for you and family members to explore and view marine life, or book a trip out to sea! At the place where I am staying, there is no whale watching near me, so definitely, I would be interested in whale watching if I do visit San Diego. Plan your holiday so that you will allocate a day for whale watching, allowing also for a short day cruise and spending the rest of the day lounging on the beautiful beaches near your hotel.

If something like san diego whale watching is on your to-do list, then the best months to visit is between December and April. It is during this time that the grey whales migrate from Alaska to Baja in California. This is the longest whale migration in the world. The perfect location for watching whales is San Diego, where you get to spot some of the whales on their journey to the south. If you are interested in seeing the whales with your own eyes, you will have to sign up for one of the daily whale watching excursions available at Birch Aquarium, Harbour Cruises, and etc. Alternatively, you could look into hiring the Adventuress Luxury Catamaran for a private tour of the San Diego coastline. This would be a great way to spot the whales in style.

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For those who enjoy sail tours to view the skyline of San Diego and get to smell the fresh sea air, then you should check out some of the San Diego sailing tours. You can choose to join a full tour of the bay or a short tour of one to two hours. You will have endless opportunities for photo taking of all kinds of ships, the Coronado Bridge, Island, naval base, and possibly some marine animals on your tour.

I am sure the younger members of your family would want to join the San Diego Seal Tours to see the seals and sea lions. These are playful animals and they love to come out and play much to the delight of the spectators. It is great to watch and your family members will surely love and enjoy specially kids.

For the not so adventurous visitors, you can choose to spend your day out on some of the best beaches. You can watch the waves, talk a relaxing walk along the beach, digging your toes into the fine sand. To get the most out of your holiday, it is best to check the types of tours available and the time to adjust to your schedule. Going on a holiday is always a pleasing feel. Everyone wants to take a break from the busy daily schedule these days and go on a great holiday. So, if you are also one of such people then plan your holiday today.

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