When And How to Change Furnace Filter

Your furnace is playing a major role behind the overall functionality of the house. Therefore, it is important to take necessary measures to focus on its maintenance. Since the furnace is functioning continuously, there is a high possibility for it to get subjected to wear and tear along with time. When it comes to furnace cleaning and maintenance, changing the furnace filter holds a prominent place. You will need to do this on a regular basis to make sure that you don’t come across any issues.

Ideally speaking, you need to check your furnace filter on a monthly basis. Now, this is really essential if you use the furnace every day. One simple method to check if your furnace filter needs replacement is to take it out and hold it to a light. If you cannot see light, which means the furnace filter is too dirty.

If you choose not to change the filter because it is expensive, then you will only clearing a path for even more expensive repairs. A dirty filter blocks the airflow, and it will cause overheat and even shut down the furnace completely. When the airflow is blocked or not sufficient enough, it cause the coils to freeze. Either way, it only affects the furnace system negatively.

Filters are installed with a purpose. They offer protection to the blower motor from outside particles such as dust and dirt. The filter gathers all the dust particles over time, and will require thorough cleaning. There glass fibre filters as well made in glass that will do the same task. An electro-statical fibre filter will get rid of smaller particles too. Whatever the type it is, the filter needs regular examination. If the filter has gathered much dirt, you should change it to avoid unwanted repairs in future. And remember to install it correctly when you buy a new filter. The filters have an arrow marked on the edge, giving you the correct way of insertion.

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Now, how are you going to change your furnace filter?

First, you need to know the type of your filter. Switch off the furnace and take off the filter, which is usually perched inside the furnace. Sometimes you will find the filter in the return air vent too. A filter could be spotted by that arrow marked on the edge. If it is something with a plastic frame, you can use it over and over again. You are supposed to clean that filter with water, but not inside. Take the filter outdoors, vacuum-clean it and wipe it by wet cloth. You need to make sure it is well dried before placing inside the furnace. This you have to do from time to time – ideally once a month.

If it is a different filter, you need to ascertain you buy the right filter. The furnace filters are usually available at hardware outlets. You can order them online too. Just give them the model number. A good furnace filter inhales pollen, smoke and small particles of dust. Some furnace filters are thick ensuring better air-clean. If you are not sure whether you can buy the right type of furnace filter, hire the services of an HV/AC professional.

If you have no issues with the installation of the furnace filter, remember to keep a record of the date. Keeping a log book even when you clean the filter periodically will be required so that you have an idea when to buy a new one. Any filter will need to be replaced following a number of cleans.

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What benefits can you experience by hiring a furnace cleaning specialist?

As you can see, you will have to do quite some work to get the furnace cleaning job done, which is why there are companies like Willard Power Vac out there to get the furnace clean professionally.

Some people might not be able to get the furnace filter replaced on their own as well. In all such instances, you are encouraged to get in touch with a furnace cleaning and repairing specialist, such as Advanpro ltd Calgary furnace cleaning. It will provide you with a large number of benefits and you will be provided with the opportunity to keep peace of mind.

If you are still not convinced, it is important to take a quick look at all the benefits that you will be able to get with the assistance of a furnace cleaning specialist. The furnace cleaning specialists have a clear understanding on how to get the cleaning job done. They will make sure that the cleaning process doesn’t trigger any additional issues. Therefore, you will be provided with the opportunity to keep peace of mind while you are looking forward to get the job done. You will love the overall experience that the service provider would offer to you.

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