Tineco A11 hero vs Tineco A11 Master- Which one is the Best?

One of the famous and most popular brands of cordless vacuum cleaner is tineco. The vacuum cleaning technology has paved its commercialization and invention in the late 1950s. The devices are a mixture of portability and power of handheld vacuum cleaning that offers maneuverability, reach, and extensions and plug-&-play models.

Tineco is one of the newest brands and is suitable for newcomers in the world of cordless vacuum space. It is available in various quality vacuum technology, making product and quality consumer goods which are easy to use. It is one of the leading brands that have dominated the market. Tineco has developed popular cordless vacuum cleaner known as Tineco A10 vs A11.

This is basically a buying guide that explores the major differences between the two vacuums. You will thus learn what things make it better. Furthermore, it enables you to buy the right cleaner for you.

Tineco A10

One of the perfect quick as well as clean vacuums is tineco A10. It performs excellently over the thin and hard floors. If you find your home a hardwood type then you can make use of tineco A10 rather than tineco A11 master. It has one detachable battery and it contains additional accessories with 2 cleaning brushes. It is cheaper compared to the A11 master. You can check the charging time, dust tank capacity, battery capacity, battery type, power, suction power, runtime, filter type, floor type and noise level.

Tineco A11 hero

The Tineco A11 hero weighs around 5.5 pounds and it is a very light vacuum cleaner. It can easily grasp and fit in your hand. The design is aesthetically simple but sleek. The vacuum cleaner can run for 60 minutes and this serves as its battery life. It is due to the mobility and size of the vacuum cleaner it offers. It is able to clean in a short period of time. You have to charge two batteries and this makes the charging process a long task. It can last for around 15 minutes if you use max mode. It is a powerful mode thus it ensures it sucks whatever you vacuum.
The brush is a powder brush and it has been designed for hardwood as well as a soft floor like carpeting. You can easily switch by pressing the button for cleaning soft floor to hard floor. It also has a small LED which helps in the illumination of patches. The use of vacuum can be used to clean up flies and the filtration system might contain four individual stages. The design of the stage makes filtering of the particles and it can break everything apart. It protects clogging as well as all issues related to the clogging.

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It is a filter cleaning tool which maintains in filtering. You don’t have to wash, rinse, or replace the filter. The dust bin has a capacity of around 0.6 liters. The dust bin is easy to empty by pressing the button and it can bring the garbage as well as dump out.

Tineco A11 master

The Tineco A11 master is not a single power brush rather a two power brush. Both the design is defined for floor types. One brush can be used for hard floor and another brush can be used for the soft floor. The brushes are efficient and it can brush up all the garbage as well as a dump. It offers some of the basic features and it can have a battery life of around 60 minutes. The max mode can be used with 120 air watts so as to deliver fantastic suction. The filtration system has four stages as well as a similar filter.

One of the major differences between the Tineco A11 Hero vs Master is that great accessories can be used with Tineco A11 master. It also holds a mini power brush which is a crevice tool. It also has a soft dusting brush and a multi-angle tube. Due to all these fantastic accessories, it is one of the versatile vacuums used for cleaning.

Which one is the best?

First of all, the sheer performance must be seen. This answer to this question depends highly on a couple of factors. Both the vacuum cleaner has similar sheer performance. Also, see the air watts. However, for brushing tineco A11 master is extremely better and it thoroughly used for cleaning soft as well as hard floor. The presence of two power brushes makes it better than the other.

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The Tineco A11 cordless cleaner comes with a cordless stick and it is 2-in-1 convertible. It has features like two lithium-ion battery, strong suction, washable air filter, attachments for cleaning, empty dirt bin and a broad range of tools used for cleaning.

If you wish to enhance cleaning power, you can go for tineco A11 master is one of the best choices. The accessories of tineco A11 master makes it more versatile and it can be easily used for cleaning. In the market, tineco A11 masters have become of the ideal choice.

Tineco A11 vacuum has an interesting feature that is dual charging powerhouse that can be used for charging batteries at a similar time and it can be used for storing the cleaner.

Both tineco A11 master and tineco A11 hero are powered with 2500mAh battery and is rated at 450 W. The suction power is high and it offers 120 Air watts. The operating time rely on suction mode. In maximum suction mode, the tineco A11 can be operated till 7.5 minutes and tineco A11 can be operated till 30 minutes in normal mode. The tineco A11 master/hero both has convertible design and it is lightweight stick vacuum with powerful handhelds.

Both the tineco A11 master and tineco A11 hero comes with a mini power brush, hair cleaning tool, spare pre-filter, motorized brush roll, dusting brush, and crevice tool. The tineco A11 master has soft dusting brush, flexible multi angle wand, flexible extension hose, and flexible crevice tool and soft roller brush.

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You can see that tineco is doing great work in the market. It offers two basic products that can be used for extra cleaning. It has become one of the best choices and you can either pick tineco A11 hero / Tineco A10 vs A11.

The product can be picked after you have gone through the weight, length, warranty, nozzle width, accessories and other features. The company continues to offer quality goods to esteemed customers at a reasonable price.

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