Hiking Gear Essentials

Hiking Gear

If you are going hiking, you need to have some essentials to go along with you. These essentials will help you if you get lost or are out longer than you expected to be. You should bring these things with you on every hiking trip.

When you prepare to go hiking, you need to plan your trip ahead of time. You need to plan your gear for hiking so that you have everything that you need. This doesn’t just include the clothing that you will wear, but that is one of your essentials.

This article will list some of the essentials that you will need. It will give you an idea of where to begin. You can also do research to find out more information.

Hiking Essentials

1. Illumination

If you get caught out after dark, you could easily get lost. You will need a flashlight or headlamp to make sure that you can find your way back. Bring something besides your phone because it won’t illuminate as well as a flashlight or headlamp.

Another reason that you don’t want to use your phone is because the flashlight function will cause your battery to fail sooner, and you won’t be able to call for help. You also need to make sure that you pack batteries and cables for all your devices. There are power banks that you can bring along with you that will recharge your phone.

2. Nutrition and Hydration 

This means food and water – you don’t want to forget that. Bring more than you think that you will need in case you are out longer than you expect. If you bring snacks, bring enough to last for at least a full day.

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You also need to bring plenty of water. A refillable bottle or hydration pack is necessary. You could also bring purification tablets to purify water from streams or ponds if necessary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRmd6ZfxCt0. These can help any water that you come across be drinkable.

3. Insulation

Bring extra clothing for insulation in case it gets cold at night. It can be windy or cold during the day, as well. You should bring at least a lightweight, waterproof jacket. You could also bring lightweight, waterproof rain pants that are breathable.

4. Navigation 

You can have a trail description or a website that shows you the trails, but they aren’t always as useful as they could be. You should carry a paper map and a trail map that shows all the trails. This way, if you get lost or decide to take a different trail, you will be ready.

5. Firestarter

You should always carry something that can start a fire. Something as simple as a lighter or waterproof matches can come in handy if you need to get warm or signal someone. You could also carry cotton balls rubbed with Vaseline, which is a good way to get that fire started. See here to learn how to make fire starters on your own.

6. First Aid Kit 

Sometimes, accidents happen, and you need to be prepared, just in case. You could buy a first aid kit that is already prepared, or you could create your own. You will need some essentials such as pain killers, bandages, medical tape, antihistamines, antiseptic wipes, and other things that you think are necessary.

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7. Emergency Shelter

You might get lost or injured on the trail and need to stay there overnight. The simplest form of shelter would be a large garbage bag that you could cut a hole in and wear as a jacket. If you could get an orange bag, you could also use it to signal for help.

8. Sun Protection 

Protection from the sun is also very important for you. You could wear a hat and use sunscreen to begin with. Sunglasses also come in handy, especially if there is snow on the ground.

9. Knife 

For emergencies you might need a knife. You can use this to cut up twigs for kindling to start your fire. You might also need to use it for a branch to make a splint or cutting up bandages. It also comes in handy for opening stubborn packages.

10. Communication 

You can bring your cell phone so that you can call for help when necessary. Cell phones don’t always have reception out on the trail, so you also need a second form of communication. Whistles are the cheapest and easiest second form of communication, but you could also choose a satellite messaging device. This could let first responders know that you need help, or you could let your friends and family know that you are just running late.


When you go hiking you need to have essential hiking gear to take along with you. These items will help you if you get lost or injured during your hike. Some of these simple things will help to save your life.

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The most important things that you will need are food and water. You will also need some way to make fires when needed. You can pack rain gear in case of sudden storms.

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