Health tips for teens: Seven ways to practice self-care

Teen years are a time of rapid change filled with new and frightening experiences. A time that is not only difficult for the individual but also families. From hormonal changes to social expectations, teenagers have a lot going on in their lives. Whether it is fulfilling academic duties, keeping up with current trends, trying to fit in, or meeting parents’ demands, teenagers are navigating thousands of things at once. It leaves them frustrated and confused. With these ups and downs, teenagers often fail to accept their personality, go hard on themselves, and burn out. Therefore, they need to take some time out and practice self-care. 

Self-care includes practicing activities that are beneficial for mental and physical health. It allows one to focus on themselves and create a time only for their well-being. Self-care encompasses hygiene, nutrition, mental health, and spiritual health. It not only relaxes the individual but also increases their efficiency. In addition, it allows the body time to rejuvenate and fight illness. Spiritually, self-care deepens the relationship with the self and nurtures the spirit. 

Here are seven self-care tips for teenagers to practice to keep their mental and physical health in check. 

Practice self-talk:

We were all teenagers once. Therefore, we understand that little voice in your head that nags you throughout the day. It points out your flaws, reminds you of your mistakes, and puts you down. It is a constant, unfiltered critique that can lead to severe depression. To escape such feelings, teenagers often fall prey to addiction and require rehabilitation at centers like the Palm Beach Institute.

However, you can easily avoid this by being kind to yourself. Try to reward yourself with kind words every time you accomplish something. Similarly, analyze your negative thoughts, try to stop them consciously, and replace them with positive emotions. Practicing positive self-talk not only boosts your confidence but will also change your attitude towards others and life. 

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Learn to say no:

For your mental peace, you must say no when the need arises. As you grow up, people often tell you to accept whatever is thrown your way and give in. However, that should not be the case. As teenagers and young adults, you must set your boundaries and stay firm on following these boundaries.

Saying no doesn’t mean you have to be rude or selfish. You can politely tell someone no and still be assertive. Whether it is your friends, family, or work, practice rejecting an opinion or idea without feeling guilty. Saying no will help you grow personally and reveals the people or things that deserve your time and energy.

Be mindful and meditate:

Being a teenager can be overwhelming and frustrating. With sudden growth sprouts, changes in body or voice, raging hormones, and the need to fit in, teenagers are bound to struggle. Not to forget the constant lectures from adults and feeling misunderstood, which add to the mix. Therefore, you must let out your frustrations positively and ease your mind or body.

Meditation is the easiest and most effective way of relaxing the mind and body. It helps subdue the negative emotions and allows the brain to connect with the body. It helps you become aware of the present and focus on what is essential. You can try various meditation types or yoga and practice it daily to keep yourself stress-free.

Focus on your diet:

A healthy body ensures a healthy mind. If we are starving, immobile, or in pain, our mind becomes disturbed, and we feel agitated, frustrated, or depressed. Thus, our feelings are dependent upon the condition of our bodies.

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The diet you have now will not only impact your present but your future too. Therefore, try to eat healthily. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, and meat into your diet. Set achievable goals or practice intuitive eating to prevent mindless snacking and processed foods. In addition, try to keep energy-packed snacks like Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts to get you through the day. Try to provide all nutrients to your body and maintain a healthy weight even if it does not fit the beauty standards you see on social media.

Spend time amongst nature:

Nowadays, teenagers spend more time on social media or different screens like television and laptops. Whether you are studying, watching the TV screen, or spending quality time with family, you are mostly indoors. Resultantly, your movement may decrease, and you could develop bad postures. 

Just a few minutes in nature can alleviate mood and reduce body tension. Paired with outdoor exercise, this can help teenagers stay active and refreshed, resulting in lesser posture problems and mobility issues. In addition, surrounding yourself with nature provides a break from the daily rush of life and social media. This helps reduce anxiety and builds self-esteem.

Express yourself: 

Teenagers may often bottle up their emotions and keep a façade of being strong. However, this has more negative effects than positive ones. It not only affects your mental health, but you may also suffer socially. Therefore, you must find a way to let your feelings out.

A great way of expressing your feelings is through art. You can let your inner turmoil out on paper with a few colors and paintbrushes. You don’t have to be an artist to let your emotions out. Similarly, writing in a journal can help you gather and jot down your feelings. Confronting your feelings will help you get in touch with what you want. It will also aid in understanding why you act a particular way and what triggers you have.

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Give yourself rest: 

Pulling an all-nighter is common among teens. We believe that as teenagers, our bodies can easily take on a few hours and still work efficiently. It is true, to some extent, but only if you don’t pull an all-nighter every night. Our bodies need time to rest or rejuvenate. However, if you fail to provide your body with adequate rest, your mental and physical health will suffer.

Try to get a good night’s sleep. To increase your chances of sleeping early, create an environment with dull to no light, try breathing exercises to relax your body, and refrain from electronics close to bedtime.


Being a teenager can be difficult. With jam-packed schedules and increasing responsibilities, you become tired and burned out. Therefore, to stay healthy, happy, and at the top of your game, you must practice taking care of your mind and body. Healthy outdoor activities, limited screentime, and keeping your emotions in check are some of the many ways you can be the best version of yourself at this crucial age. 

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