Weird Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

Like most folks, you know health, life, home, and auto insurance. Yes, these are standard insurance policies you must have in place to protect yourself against unexpected situations. But give it a second thought, do they cover every risk in your life? Have you ever thought of what would happen if aliens abducted you over the night? I know you are dead frightened now! What about the thought of your house getting infested by bedbugs or getting haunted by ghosts? What will happen if your betrothed one indeed developed cold feet about marrying you? Have you ever worried about inviting your friends for a drink at your place and you lose your life mind for fear of them damaging your properties? These are some of the weirdest risks in life that need insurance cover to ensure peace of mind.

Wait a minute! You and your spouse have budgeted for one child, and God decides to reward you with a surprise of triplets. What do you do with the rest? Believe it or not, all these risks life has to offer have insurance cover. And there are even more weird types of insurance out there that might surprise you.

As weird as they are while shopping for insurance cover, spare a few minutes to peruse their online reviews on ReviewsBird UK to inform your decision to sign up with the right insurance company.

If you think you know the strangest insurance types, take a look at these most bizarre and weirdest insurance covers. And don’t forget they all get subscriptions from prospects like you.

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Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance is a policy you might consider taking before your wedding day. It will cover you against financial losses in the event of a natural disaster or tragedy that might demand postponing your big day. Another aspect that these policies cover is the liability protection if the wedding venue transfers to a different location due to severe weather, mishaps, and the rest. Some policies cover up to the cancellation of the honeymoon.

Cold-feet/change of heart insurance

This insurance covers for a sudden change of plans, more specifically when your significant other decides to call a quit. It reimburses the wedding’s cost but not to the new exe’s but the bride’s or groom’s parents. It doesn’t cover being stood up at the altar, but when you cancel your wedding plans a year.

Alien abduction insurance

If you are paranoid about an alien encounter, there is an insurance policy safeguarding you against the third kind. According to a reliable source, these weird and rare policies are predominant in Europe; a UK-based insurer sold over 30K policies. But note that some of these policies are just hoaxes and parody because they will require evidence to prove the flying saucer who abducted you is real before you collect the damages.

Lottery insurance

Suppose your employees entered a lottery pool and they all win millions; chances that they will resign from your job is high. When they call it a quit, you are left with productivity loss; this insurance caters to temporary workers, hiring process, interview cost, and more, protecting your business against financial losses.

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You might not be aware of insurance such as; body part insurance, bedbug insurance, food truck insurance, chicken insurance, multiple birth insurance, and more.

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