DIY Linen Pillow Ideas With Tutorial

If you don’t have any plan for the weekend and don’t want to be bored at home, then why not do something very creative which can help you to pass your time and you will add something very beautiful to your home decor. Well, as you have already read the title of this post and you definitely understand the purpose of this post. In this post, you will get a different kind of ideas and tutorial to make a DIY Linen Pillow by yourself.

DIY Linen Pillow

Before you move ahead to see these DIY project, let me inform you that, you need some time to make these DIY project and collect the required thing before weekend arrive. So you can start making your favorite pillow without any trouble. Check these DIY Linen Pillow project and choose the perfect one for your home. You can choose the color and theme according to your sofa, bedroom or living room theme.

1. Pottery Barn Hack Serged Linen Pillow Covers

Pottery Barn Hack Serged Linen Pillow Covers
Boxwood Avenue

Pillow cover will help you to decorate your home in two different ways. You can use them to give new look to your old pillow or you can make some beautiful pillow cover for your new pillow. So if you want to be busy on this weekend give to try to make this beautiful Pottery Barn Hack Serged Linen Pillow Covers. Just follow the for a complete direction of this DIY project.

2. DIY Fabric Pillow

DIY Fabric Pillow

You have a beautiful sofa in your living room, but you still thing that there something missing. Yes, they are the pillow. So you have two options to fulfill your requirement. You can purchase them from the local store or you can make them by yourself. To make this beautiful pillows shown in the above picture, you need the required material according to your sofa color or theme. Once you have the required material, then just follow the for a step by step direction for this DIY project.

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3. DIY Otomi Pillows

DIY Otomi Pillows
Francois et Moi

Mexican Otomi pattern is always a cool pattern, but it’s also very expensive to purchase from the store. But if you still want this pattern, then you can make it by yourself. Yes, you read it right. You just need to follow the to learn how you can make this DIY Otomi Pillows by yourself.

4. DIY Tassel Pillows

DIY Tassel Pillows
Well Made Heart

You can use DIY Tassel Pillow in different ways. It depends on you how you want to use it. But before you start using it, you must need to have one. Are you thinking to purchase it? I think it will much better for make one by yourself. You can make this DIY Tassel Pillow by following to get the step by step direction for this DIY project.

5. DIY Vintage Tea Towel Throw Pillow

DIY Vintage Tea Towel Throw Pillow
My So Called Crafty Life

When we read the vintage word, our mind automatically start thinking about the 50s. There are thousand of things which are vintage and can be use in your home. So if you are thinking to add something vintage in your home, then you can give a try to DIY Vintage Tea Towel Throw Pillow shown in the above picture. Follow the for a complete direction of this DIY project.

6. Knock-off Heart Pillow

Knock-off Heart Pillow
Endlessly Inspired

Knock-off Heart Pillow showing in the above picture looking beautiful. If you like this pillow and want to have one. You can make this Heart Pillow by yourself. Follow the and you will get the step by step guide to making this Knock-off Heart Pillow by your help. Before you start making it, just collect the required material for this project.

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7. Stenciled Linen Pillows

Stenciled Linen Pillows
Jennifer Rizzo

Basically, This DIY Stenciled Linen Pillows made by Jennifer and it’s originally posted on If you love this DIY Pillow and wanted to make one for yourself then just follow the for step by step direction for this project.

8. DIY Sunburst Pillow

DIY Sunburst Pillow
Sew Woodsy

You might be following the Pinterest in your everyday life to get a unique DIY project. If you love to spend your time by making a DIY project which is useful for your house. Then this is a time to give a try to make a DIY Sunburst Pillow by yourself. Just follow the for complete direction of this beautiful DIY Sunburst Pillow.

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