Choosing the Right Glass Splashbacks for Your Sydney Home

Sydney has a total of 658 suburbs with 40 local governments and around 15 geopolitical or contiguous divisions. As of the latest census, there are over 1.7 million occupied private dwellings within its 12,367 square kilometres land area.

With so many families in its sprawling metropolis and outside suburb districts, a glass splashback in Sydney can give your home a unique and modern touch. A custom glass splashback is special because of their ability to provide your kitchen with an ultra-modern look. They are a great finishing touches to your kitchen, transforming your cooking area.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Splashback to Your Sydney Home

Every Sydney home benefits from a glass splashback because of its diverse and modern look. They are made from a block of large glass tiles used in place of ceramics or conventional tiles to protect the wall behind the working space.

Glass backsplash is made with a range of patterns and finishes, colours, and design. They are as diverse as any alternative, complementing your kitchen and providing a practical use. Glass splashbacks are not only beautiful to look at because of their reflective nature but can also be installed to match and complement the existing interior of your kitchen.

Nonetheless, glass splashbacks have the characteristics that make them ideal, including:

  • Long-lasting quality
  • Hygienic
  • Heat-resistant
  • Strong and durable material
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Timeless and premium appearance

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Glass Backsplash

For a discerning Sydney resident who wants to completely transform the look of their kitchen, looking for the ideal glass splashback is crucial. Not only will it overhaul the look of your space, but also provide the aesthetics that solidifies your interior. Some of what you need to consider includes:

  • Choose the right colour. Choosing the right colour for your kitchen is always the first thing to consider. Ultimately, you would want a design that complements the whole surrounding or make it pop out to become the centrepiece of the room.
    Opt for colours from a RAL colour chart to determine the necessary hue that matches with the whole surroundings. Or you can ask a Sydney glass splashback contractor to suggest the best colours that work for your space.
  • Toughened or not. Most installation would require a toughened glass splashback to prevent cracking under the kitchen’s heat. While this is usually a given requirement, there are a few exceptions.
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Most installations would require the glass to go behind a hob to prevent the material from breaking apart of cracking. Take some time to discuss the options with your service contractor to determine the appropriate requirements of your chosen glass splashback.

  • Choosing the right matching patterns or prints. If you want to veer away from the standard blocked colour, glass splashback in Sydney may also come in various special effects, prints, and patterns.

Making your kitchen more personal only comes with your artistic taste, but consider the whole kitchen space before turning to a specific print or pattern. Remember, you want to have a streamlined design rather than an inconsistent and disarrayed finish.

Choosing a glass splashback for your kitchen can either make or break the integrity of your cooking space. Therefore, it is imperative to look for the right one or have a contractor help you choose the right design, style, and colour.

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