Poor Circulation Home Remedies

Blood circulation is driven by the heart as it provides continuous supply of blood to every parts of the body through the blood vessels. This process not just ensures that there is oxygen and nutrients that is also essential to every body organ, but it also aids in removing metabolic waste in the body system. In addition, blood circulation is very essential to the daily functions of the body because it maintains the cell-level metabolism, the normal pH levels of the body, osmotic pressure, standard body temperature and in safeguarding the body from harmful microbial and mechanical organisms.

What causes poor blood circulation?

There are quite a few causes of poor circulation but problems in blood flow starts when it becomes limited to some areas in the body. Aside from having an unhealthy lifestyle, aging is another factor that triggers to poor blood circulation. Just like the other parts of the body, a person’s arteries start to lose its elasticity and become smaller as he ages. When this happens, the heart needs to work more which results in decreased blood flow and increased blood pressure. CBD products, as seen on the Drug Science website, could assist those whose blood pressure is affecting their health.

In addition, insufficient blood flow is caused by obesity, bad vices like smoking and improper eating habits like too much consuming oily and fatty foods. These, along with inactive lifestyle like inability to have exercises and stretching, contribute to the plaque build-up in the blood vessels and capillaries.

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If poor circulation is neglected, it will result to complications and other medical conditions like heart problems, hypertension, among others.

What are the signs that signals a person if he has blood circulation problems?

Here are some of the symptoms that a person is already having poor blood circulation:

  • Numb and cold feeling in the hands and feet
  • Feeling of dizziness especially when standing up
  • Longer time that the wounds get healed
  • Poor memory problems
  • Bluish appearance on the skin

It is very essential that poor circulation must be fixed as soon as the abovementioned symptoms are already felt because it can also be a manifestation of a serious health problem. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve this health issue before it gets worse. This product at Halo Health looks like a good option in maintaining a good blood flow in the body. In addition, here are some of the home remedies that can be another way to ensure that the blood circulation is well-maintained.

Home Remedies for Poor Circulation

Now that there is a clearer explanation of what poor blood circulation is and how can it affect the over-all state of every person’s health, the following are some of the natural ways to increase the blood circulation and prevent this from other complications:

1.Get rid from alcoholic drinks and other drinks that are sugar-filled

Too much alcoholic and sugar-filled drinks and beverages causes dehydration, and this causes improper blood flow.

2.Instead, drink lots of water.

Water, aside from lessening the chances of occurring dehydration, having enough of it makes every organs of the body function well. Moreover, sufficient water content in the body increases the oxygen levels in the blood which affects in having better circulation that can harness to the betterment of the person’s health. Most of the experts encourage to have 8-12 glasses of water every day.

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3.Spend some time doing hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a process wherein the water is used in treating different conditions like rheumatic complaints and arthritis.

It can be done by having a hot bath or shower, even adding Epsom salt to the water for bathing since it is proven to have healing properties. The presence of hot water in the body benefits a lot in relaxing the muscles. It also lets the oxygen to flow better in the body.

4.Apply hot and cold treatment

Applying heat packs or a bowl of hot water for 30 seconds or more afterwards an ice pack or bowl of cold water after can be a good way to relieve those parts in the body that experiences pain and other discomfort because of poor blood circulation.

5.Relax your body by doing some stretches

Besides what every person eats and daily lifestyle, the usual activities he has can also contribute to his blood circulation. People who spend more hours sitting are more prone to blood flow problems because the blood is not flowing well in other body areas. Having small exercises and stretches like circling of arms every hour for about 3-5 minutes can help.

6.Also, elevate your legs

However, if standing is done most of the time, have some time elevating the legs to give the body a break from standing and also to relax the muscles especially in the areas of the feet.

7.Eat right

Have a proper and balanced diet-eat healthy and avoid unhealthy foods and drinks. Consume more fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken and other foods with healthy fats like those in fish oil and olive oil. Stay away from processed foods and those with too much sugar and salt.

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