DIY Outdoor Zombies Halloween Decorations

Here we are sharing some very scary and creepy DIY Outdoor Zombies Halloween Decorations. This decoration start with zombie invasion, then a wedding, and in the last funeral. We are very thankful to Elke Hendrick for submitting these Zombies Halloween Decorations for our Halloween Decoration Contest. All the Zombies made of PVC piping/elbow connectors, old clothes, insulation filler foam and paint Heads a either cheap light globes or gallon milk jars filled with miniature lights Table saw horses with old door.

Outdoor Zombies Halloween Decorations

At night Elke play the x mas light machine to Halloween music hooked up to spotlights.

Halloween Zombies Decorations

Outdoor Zombies Decoration for Halloween

Outdoor Zombies Halloween Decorations

Zombies Coffin Decorations

Zombies Funeral Halloween Decorations Night View

Zombies Funeral Halloween Decorations

Zombies Funeral Halloween

Zombies Halloween Decoration For Outdoor

Zombies Halloween Decorations Dinner Table

Zombies Halloween Decorations

Zombies Halloween Party Decorations

Zombies Wedding Halloween Decorations Night View

Zombies Wedding Halloween Decorations

If you are going to try these Halloween decoration for this year. Don’t forget to share your thought and view about this decoration in the comment section. Enjoy!

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