What Pizza Shape Says About its Origins

While the traditional pizza shape is round, there is another popular version of pizza that comes in a deep-dish rectangle shape. Whichever style you prefer, you’re sure to find plenty of choices from today’s pizza restaurants. Admittedly, more restaurants are making circular pizza, and they offer a fantastic variety of standard favorites and specialty recipes […]

4 Great Ways to Reheat Your Pizza

Pizza is one of the greatest pleasures of this life, as far as food is concerned. She has been our friend and companion for a long time. It’s its flavor, its texture, its everything! Besides that it is an easy and fast food to get, that is why it makes our life easier, of course, […]

The Hidden Danger of Foods Rich in Estrogen

Most women are aware of the fact that estrogen are essential hormones that play a key role in maintaining their health and happiness. But what most women are unaware of is that if the balance between estrogen and progesterone is not right, especially for menstruating women, it can lead to a condition called estrogen dominance. […]

When A Food Is Considered Kosher

The term “kosher”, a common word within the sphere of Jewish life, has been heard for a long time in many areas, many of which will have observed with curiosity that in different businesses, publications, even in the gondolas of the most well-known chains of hypermarkets, there are posters with that word, there are kosher […]

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