10 Steps to Planning a Virtual Event in 2020

Organising an event can often necessitate a great deal of work and it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. With the appropriate planning and preparation, your event is more likely to be the success you desire so getting it right is critical.

In order to aide your event planning, we’ve created a list of key steps to follow to ensure you do not miss any of the key considerations and maximise the enjoyment for all your guests. Read on to see what they are…

Define your goal or objective

If you’re planning a wedding, the goal of your event is quite straightforward – to have the best day of your life. Other events may have a more complex objective though such as a corporate event which might combine team-building activities with a charity fundraiser. Understanding your event’s purpose gives you a clear focus.

Decide your budget

This is critical and needs adhering to! There are many ways of sourcing or making items yourself to save vital pounds by using inspiration from social media profiles or certain website. Professional event organisers can often advise on cost saving short cuts too. Don’t forget to build in a contingency fund too!

Create a planning document

This will help to keep your timings on track, ensure you don’t miss any key steps and will keep you within budget too.

Set the date

This might be dependent on something sentimental or may simply be down to when your preferred venue is available. Whatever the reason, it gives you the foundation from which to build the event in full.

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Book the venue

No venue means no event! Secure it financially and sign a contract so that no accidental double-booking can scupper your plans!

Define your event’s style or theme

This will largely depend on the type of event you’re hosting and can be extremely personal to the organiser or host. Not only will deciding the style or theme give your event its own personality, it will guide you in the various add- ons that are available. The choices can be seemingly endless so narrowing them down will help – you wouldn’t want a vintage Rolls Royce as your wedding car if you’re getting married in an edgy city centre hotel, would you?

Choose your entertainment

This will be driven by the type of event you’re planning and also by the style. To some degree your budget might dictate what you can and can’t have but there are often different options available meaning you might be able to afford something you’d love. For example, there are different pricing options for renting a photo booth from sites like https://www.virtual-events.co.uk/how-much-does-a-photo-booth-cost-to-rent/. Do your research to get the best deal!

Pick your suppliers

Your background music, your compere, the caterer, the photographer and the DJ all have a huge impact on the tone and feel of the event so pick them wisely! Only make compromises where you feel comfortable.

Invite your guests!

No guests mean no event! If it’s public, you will need to consider broader publicity but if it’s a private event, you need to ensure you don’t miss anyone and that you consider the mix of people attending.

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Plan the flow

When all the key elements are in place, you need to consider the logistics of how your event will run and who will be responsible for what.

Planning an event can seem like a daunting affair but if you follow these key steps, it’ll make it much more manageable. There is a lot of advice and support available too so consider speaking to someone with a lot of experience in what you’re trying to achieve to ensure nothing gets missed.

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