Wicked witch Makeup

Wicked Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This is another awesome Halloween makeup submitted by Melina Ibarra. Previously she has submitted a Zombie Burn Halloween Makeup. We are very thankful to her for submitting this awesome Wicked Witch Halloween Makeup for our Halloween makeup contest. Follow the below steps given by her for this look.

Wicked Witch Halloween Makeup

    1. Prep your face with primer
    2. Mix primer with green eyeshadow pigment to make your full face paint. I chose a green with gold undertones so it would show demenstion.
    3. Eyes! Remember what you do to one you do to the other.
    4. For this I did a cut crease. I us glitter glue as a primer, it works great for pigments.
    5. cover your whole eyelid and a bit over if you have hooded eyes in a lighter green.
    6. in a shimmering black do the upper fold and cat wing out as much as you like.
    7. Blend a bit purple for demenstion over the black.
    8. With a very black liquid eyeliner do a thick upper lid line and extreme bat wing out.
    9. Using the same liquid eyeliner do the bottom waterline and connect to top eyeliner.
    10. Eyebrows! Watch them up an make them pointy! The darker the better so go crazy.
    11. Do a line of white for drama under the eyebrows. Blend a bit with the colors under to create a smooth transition.
    12. Contour, remember you’re a witch so you’re not perfect. With a dark green, gray, and purple create depth. Do under your cheekbones, jawline, sides of your forehead, and the side of your nose. Witches have pointy noses so go heavy.
    13. With the liquid eyeliner draw a bat.
    14. Draw your spider web. Make 3 or 4 lines coming out your winged eyeliner. Then make arches to create a spider web look. Last the spider dangling off by a string.
    15. Get your hat and a cauldron and work your witchy magic.
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  1. Wicked witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Wicked witch Halloween Makeup

Wicked witch Makeup

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