What You Need to Know About Irrigation in 2020

There is no doubt that the agricultural sector needs to develop mechanisms that will cope with climate change. The world is facing massive challenges as a result of this phenomenon. Among these challenges is the shortage of food and famine especially in many developing countries. If countries fail to cooperate and take measures to face this challenge, then dire consequences will follow. Fortunately, there are innovative companies such as www.waterworksirrigation.ca that are devising ingenious methods of irrigation and farming. With their services, you will no longer need to rely on natural resources for agriculture. Here are a few things you may want to know about irrigation in 2020.

Drip Irrigation

While it is not new technology per se, very few countries have adopted this effective method of irrigation. This method will be among the top game-changers in agriculture in 2020. As the name suggests, it is a type of irrigation in which a network of pipes is arranged on a farm in a strategic manner and lets just enough water drip slowly onto the farm. It is cost-effective in terms of saving water and allowing enough water to seep into the ground to feed plant roots. The pipes are placed in such a manner that water goes directly to the root zone. It minimizes evaporation and water wastage as water is released slowly in a controlled motion. This is particularly important in areas of the world where water is a scarce resource.

Solar Irrigation

Continued mining and use of fossil fuels are two major causes of climate change. There are a lot of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere from most industrial sectors agriculture being among the leading ones. Efforts are being made to minimize the use of such fuels and take up the use of renewable sources of energy such as wind power and solar energy among other renewable energy sources.

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Developed countries are now taking to solar-powered irrigation kits to maximize food production and
reducing the use of gasoline for powering irrigation equipment. This move will not only reduce the emission of greenhouse gases significantly, but will also minimize water wastage and eliminate the need of waiting for rain. It will enable most countries to fast track food production even during the dry seasons.

Increased Irrigation Area

2020 will see more and more countries adopt the various irrigation technologies being developed. Countries in drought-prone areas are set to benefit a lot from such technologies as they will help increase the land area for farming. Israel is in the lead in this sector having put massive tracts of arid and semi-arid land to farming. They are currently working with other countries to manufacture solar-powered irrigation kits that will see more land being irrigated. Currently, about 6,000 such kits can irrigate about 500,000 hectares.

Sustainable Farming

Farmers have been using unsustainable methods in farming. Relying on natural resources is what most small-scale farmers do in most countries. This method fails most of the time or yields minimal production. New technologies such as solar-powered and drip irrigation will change the farming landscape and enable these farmers to produce more while saving a lot.

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