Understanding How Casino Bonuses Work

Ever since the first casino was established all the way back in the 16th century Venice gamblers have flocked to these impressive houses of gambling, however historically never in numbers quite like today. You see, for the first few hundred years of casinos’ existence they were reserved almost exclusively for the upper echelons of society, as most normal folk just didn’t have the cash reserves to be engaging in proper casino gambling.

As the years drew on, however, the increased wealth across human society has meant that many many more people are able to go to casinos and gamble, something that has been compounded by the emergence of places like Las Vegas. Moreover, the modern world of online casinos like King Casino has meant that far more people than ever before can engage in casino gambling, and it has also meant that the industry is now more competitive than ever. Casino bonuses are a welcome side effect of this, read on to understand exactly what they are and how they work.


What is a casino bonus?

First things first, what even is a casino bonus? Well, casino bonuses are essentially exactly what they say they are – a bonus that gamblers receive for visiting a certain online or brick and mortar casino. Historically casino bonuses are a rather recent invention, however in a short space of time they have become wildly popular, and it isn’t hard to see why.

In essence casino bonuses are one of the main ways in which online casinos in particular seek to attract as many gamblers as possible. There are thousands of sites up at the moment, and many choose to differentiate themselves from the rest by offering some tantalizing casino bonuses. Often these come in the form of cash back or free online slot spins, however they can ultimately can in a range of different shapes and sizes.

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History of casino bonuses

Now then, the history of casino bonuses actually isn’t as large as some people might think, as they are a distinctively modern invention for the most part. Of course, prior to online casino gamblers could get lucky and score a free drink or meal at a casino, but for the most part there weren’t many actual examples of casino bonuses on offer.

This all changed when online casinos were emerging during the 90s, and companies would offer things like cash back in order to entice gamblers to play on a new platform. Very quickly, however, the emphasis changed, and instead of offering bonuses simply to attract people to the online casino world, bonuses were offered by specific sites in order to make sure that gamblers chose them over another online casino.

Different types of casino bonuses

Casino bonuses can come in many shapes and sizes these days, however these are the most common:

  • Deposit bonus: Deposit bonuses generally work via the depositing of a set amount of cash by a gambler, and the casino will then offer a percentage of this back as cash back.
  • Free spins bonus: These bonuses are very common these days, and grant gamblers a number of free online slot spins after they satisfy the criteria.
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