Tips to Properly Clean & Care for Your Solid Oak Furniture

Oak furniture is a simple piece of furniture that can be timeless and last for decades without looking worn and exhausted if you take care of it properly. Always buy oak furniture that has been diligently kiln-dried to reduce this moisture content to the perfect level. You must need an excellent guide to take care of your beautiful oak furniture. Let’s have a look at the tips for cleaning and caring for Oak Furniture and for more information visit oak furniture blogs.

8 Tips to Must-Follow for Care of Oak Furniture

Because of the air around us, remember that the oak wood will swell and slightly shrink. However, as the air is constantly changing, this will more than likely correct itself. But these changes in the surrounding can affect the features and quality of the wood. So, if you want to save your furniture from these environmental changes and ensure longevity in your solid oak furniture, then you should consider the following steps:

To ensure long life, place your solid oak dining tables away from fireplaces, radiators, and heating ducts to save them from any heat effects.

Save your oak furniture from the effect of direct sunlight and try to position your oak furniture pieces out of direct sunlight or adjust curtains to avoid hour after hour of direct sunlight.

Control humidity at your place. Try as best as you can; you can use a humidifier, especially in the winter season, and for summers, an air conditioner or dehumidifier would be best.

Use non-scratching bottoms coasters.

Try to use insulation padding under all sharp, hot, or cold objects.

Avoid storing leaves in damp basements (the leaves may swell up there) and store table leaves close to the table or in the same humidity.

Any nail polish remover, alcohol, and other solvents use should be avoided near or on the table.

The manufacturer of furniture must have provided finishes that resist damage from harmful liquids and objects to furniture. Get it from your retailer.

To keep your furniture safe and new, one of the most significant steps protective furniture wax over the furniture. It is advised that you should wax your oak furniture every six months to keep it in good condition and longer life. It sounds like a bit of a chore, but it’s definitely worth your hard work. In return, you will get fresh furniture with retained value and long life.

For treating and polishing your solid oak dining table and chairs, wax or polish with high beeswax content is a perfect treatment. Waxing keeps any finish in the best condition by protecting the wood grains and makes the wood crack-resistant. 

To check whether you’re going to like the end finish or not, it’s best to test it first, not on the original furniture surface, but you can try the underneath of the table and check whether it’s your desired finish or not. Once you find it perfectly fit, apply the wax on your oak piece furniture in the same direction as the wood grain. Leave the wax for five minutes and then remove it by buffing, again following the direction of the grain. It’s a simple process that doesn’t take that long but will guarantee good results.

Why buy oak?

Here are some reasons that you should buy oak furniture:


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Works well with all types of interior


Durable and have a long lifetime.


Polish oak with oil or wax randomly and get more elegance over the years.


Its warm color adds character and comfort to life.


By simply sanding the surface and applying new wax, you can keep your oak furniture looking new.

Cleaning Solid Oak Furniture

The cleaning process of solid oak furniture is easy and simple. This is what you are going to need:

  1. microfiber cloths 
  2. clear dish soap

To remove dust and grime, start by wiping down your wood furniture with a barely damp microfiber cloth. Quickly wipe down with another dry microfiber cloth because you don’t want water to get into the wood.

A quick wipe-down with a microfiber cloth is perfect for regular dusting. Add a drop of dish soap to a microfiber cloth while dusting if your wood furniture has any spots with sticky residue. Before applying, test a small out-of-sight section of your oak furniture to ensure the finish doesn’t get removed. 

If it’s okay, then mix a few drops of dish soap with a cup of water. Gently apply this mixture. It will work on the gummy section. Once the spot is cleaned, use another microfiber cloth to dry the furniture and always avoid soaking the wood in water.

Try to place protective felt under the feet when placing your furniture on a solid wood floor. This will protect your floor and the base of the foot of your oak furniture piece.

Oak furniture gains more beauty with its age as it naturally gets dark during its lifetime, and daylight will change the color, rearrange any lamps or ornaments periodically to give an even color to your oak furniture piece. For more information visit OnlyOakFurniture blogs

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