Scar Halloween Makeup

Scar Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Would you like to have a unique and scary look for the Halloween? then you must love to choose a kind of Halloween makeup which can really scare the peoples. This Scar Halloween Makeup will definitely help you to do that. We are very thankful to Phalesia Pilkington for submitting this awesome makeup look for our Halloween makeup contest. Follow the below few simple steps to make this look.

Scar Halloween Makeup


  • Reference a photo of Scar from The Lion King
  • Use a light eyebrow/eyeliner pencil and start creating the shapes on your face.
  • Then Use a good quality body paint and fill in the design to your liking. (Use Black last so you don’t smear your face paint)
  • Tease your hair around your face so it looks like a lions mane. (Or use a wig)

Follow the Phalesia Pilkington on Instagram (@moulageartistfx) for more awesome makeup ideas.

Scar Halloween Makeup

Scare the peoples during this Halloween with this look and Tell us your thoughts and view about this makeup in the comment section.

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