How Much Does A New Driveway Cost?

To add value to a property, a new driveway can do wonders. But if there is no planning to sell the property, do you think a new driveway will be still worth your investment and how much budget do you need.

Don’t worry if you’re still wondering about the cost this article will help you. We will cover all the things like what is the average cost of a new driveway, it is good for you to have a driveway and what are the different options as well as some great tips from the best driveway installers.

Benefits of a new driveway

There are lots of healthy benefits of having a new driveway installed some of them are listed below.

  1. Helps to bring insurance premiums down
  2. A well laid driveway is a great welcome home
  3. More convenient
  4. Increase vehicle security
  5. Creates a good first impression for visitors

What Decisions you have to make when it comes to a driveway project

there are a few decisions to make whether you’re revamping, extending or creating a driveway at the start of the project that will affect your budget.

Ask a professional or DIY?

When you’re deciding who will do the work make sure to consider the extent of the changes you want to make. It is always recommended that you hire a professional with experience of excavating the ground, ensuring adequate drainage and creating a long-lasting finish when you’re creating an entirely new space.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing or you tried to do it yourself to do some savings like people do on any house project, then all of your savings made at that time will be swallowed by repairs and maintenance later on. It’s the reason why we at Shire driveways and landscapes have Registered installers, we offer the guarantee to our work because it is done by the best people to create long-lasting driveways.

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What driveway materials will you use?

The driveway material you choose is based on the driveway style you’d like. There are lots of options like

  1. block paving
  2. natural stone
  3. permeable

if you are looking for a long-lasting, durable driveway that delivers great value for money then paving is the best option. You can ask your installers for samples of the material or you can go to the places where they have done the work with your desired material and take a look for better understanding.

The most popular choice for driveways is concrete block paving. The concrete block paving is well known for its affordability as well as it gives the hard-wearing attractive finish. Now we will see that how much block paving costs.

How much does the average driveway cost?

There is 80% of your paving budget is spent on bits you don’t see i.e., the sub-base and ground preparation, while the paving material only takes 20% of the budget when it comes to driveways.

However, the budget or cost is affected by a lot of factors like the materials you choose, the level of work needed to prepare the ground, and the complexity of any laying patterns or designs.

Having all of these things in mind will help you to get an accurate idea of how much your driveway will cost. For a better examination it is recommended that you arrange a professional to come out and take a look on the area. Get at least two quotes to compare.

As we discussed earlier that due to its cost effectiveness and attractive and hard-wearing drive outcome, block paving is a popular option. There are lots of options but a classic choice is Drivesett Tegula (pictured above), from £30.16 per m2 on our website. Based on the average driveway size of just 60m2 you could expect to pay around £2,106 for this, with installation and other materials on top. If you’re looking for a modern twist on the traditional block paving, Marshalls Coppice is £28.02 per m2, costing around £1,883 to cover a driveway of 60m2. Block paving also comes in circle designs, giving you the chance to have make more of a statement in front of your home.

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Once you know the size of area that you want to pave, you can use our website to roughly calculate how much your favorite materials will cost you. Each product has a price per square meter and you can see how much surface area each pack will cover.

Next steps

A professional installer will help you to work through most of the decisions needed; they can advise on the best design and materials to suit your home and budget. They will also understand what drainage you’ll need, to comply with local legislation. Good luck with your driveway project, and if you choose to use Marshalls products, please tag us in your finished photos on social media.

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