Gift Wrapping Ideas

Almost everyone loves the opportunity to receive gifts, though the gratification that comes from issuing out a gift and noting the recipient’s smile trumps all. There are a lot of reasons to make a gift – Birthday, Christmas, Easter, first A grade for a custom written research paper, nice smile… Thousands of reasons! And all presents need to create a festive atmosphere, which leads us to proper wrapping. So, it can prove ingenious to come up with a creative gift wrapping when you next want to surprise a friend or family member with a present.

A creative gift wrap always forms a precursor to the actual gift and making one can prove relatively inexpensive, less demanding in terms of skill, and time-saving than you can imagine. However, you have to have some ideas for this to work out perfectly. Consider the following gift wrapping concepts for your next brilliant gift.

Gift Wrapping Concepts

  • Recycled material. It can become possible to design your gift wraps for festivities from materials already in your possession. It can perhaps entail shopping bags (paper) where you have to pick a store that gives holiday patterns and incorporate a string or colorful ribbon to add personality. 
  • Tea towel. You can make a tea towel wrapping that doubles up as a present to bring out your creative side.
  • Colorful Hodgepodge. It requires a solid colored or white canvas paper where you smear paint either by sponges or paint brushes to color shapes of your choice. You can then use this wrapping for your gifts to convey your personality and character.   
  • Boxes from baked goods. You can obtain empty cardboards from parchment rolls or foil before painting them using festive designs and colors. It can prove perfect for wrapping baked foods and similar products. 
  • Holiday lights. You can paint or draw Christmas lights on brown paper from paper bags to create an ideal wrapping material that will bring forth the perfect jolly feel.
  • Paper bows. Use cardboard paper and make bow shapes from it via a custom-made stencil or an online printable guide.
  • Incorporate a tag. It can prove unique and creative to incorporate an expertly polished gold foil tag to your gift. You can also consider using ribbons and fine strings to dress your brown paper wrap.
  • Washi tape. You can use the washi tape in dressing your unique gift wrapping, in as much as it gets used predominantly with home décor pieces. To develop a layered effect through interlacing the tape vertically and horizontally in an alternating fashion.
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  • 3D wrapping. The wrapping concept can prove a popular choice when gift-wrapping presents for kids. You can glue on the kid’s favorite toys on the interactive gift wrapping, and these can include cars, building blocks, or crayons.
  • Origami bows. You can design bows from origami paper to make a fun looking gift wrappings. 
  • Silver detailing. It can prove a perfect choice to warp your gift with brown plain paper and inscribe words or patterns using a lustrous and unique pen. The shapes can include geometrics, simple lines, or snowflakes. 
  • Rustic wrap. It proves simple to make as you need solid-colored paper besides a gift tag and the addition of rustic flair.
  • Holly and ribbon. It can prove perfect for wrapping baked gifts, especially during Christmas. All you need entails a kraft box lined nicely with food-safe tissue, then adorning the exterior with striped ribbons and a holly twig for a merry outlook.  


Gift wrappings prove crucial to the perception someone has of a gift before knowing the details of the gift. Understanding these affordable and simple concepts on gift wrappings will transform the value and appearance of your gift this holiday.  

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