5 Easy Ways To Spot Hidden Water Leaks In Your House

Water leaks can occur anytime and anywhere in your home. They might be hidden and will sometimes cause your house severe damage. Your common sense will ask you to check the apparent signs of water leaks in your home. The signs include checking under sinks and the back of your cabinets for wetness, foul smells, or mold; nobody would like to have these in their house.

If your house is older than 25 years, then you should be all the more attentive to your plumbing system. Make sure to check all the connections, from pumps, valves, water heaters, and hoses to washing machines. There could be water leaks if you discover oxidation or discoloration on the plumbing components.

The process of finding all types of water leaks is not easy, but if you know the signs, you can easily spot hidden water leaks in your plumbing. Water leaks can cause severe damage as it results in the wastage of water, causing the water bill to increase; it encourages mold growth, damaging your house.

It is imperative to spot water leaks on time to prevent disasters and costly repair bills, and this is why we want to help you find those hidden water leaks for more information Click here.

In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 super easy ways to find water leaks on time in your home.

1. Pay Attention to Your Water Bill

If your water bill is high this month than the previous one, it could signify water leaks. Pay close attention to your water bills to spot water leaks. That customary message comes through when your water bill continues to increase even though your water consumption habits have not changed. The message is clear that something is not right with your water system if your water bill continues to increase every month. The solution is you may need to spot and fix a water leak.

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The verbal message from your water bill can be pretty perplexing. You may not notice finding obvious water leaks under the sink or anywhere in or outside of your house. But keep in mind that there are underground pipes that are out of your sight/out of mind, and when they are leaking, you will pay for them. When performing water leak repairs, a reliable and professional plumber will check all of your underground pipes to make sure that you will not have to place another service call anytime soon for water leakage.

2. Check Your Water Meter

Use your water meter to check water leaks in your houses effectively. Here is a method to use your water meter when you’re checking for water leaks:

First of all, get all the water Turn off in your home. Please Make sure that the dishwasher and washing machine are not in use and all the faucets are shut off.

The next step is to check your water meter for changes. There are pretty good chances of having a fast-moving leak if your water meter changes.

If there is no change in the water meter, then wait for at least two hours and perform a recheck. You are likely having a slower water leak if the water has remained off and the meter changes.

Whenever water leak repairs are necessary, your water meter will tell you. The Homeowners after the meter are responsible for water leak repairs even if those leaks are underground.

3. Look Over Your Water Usage

While you’re checking the signs, make sure to check your water usage. Suppose if you are a family of four-person, then your water usage should not be more than 12000 gallons per month.

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If you lose more than what is expected of your household, water leak repairs are needed somewhere in your plumbing system.

4. Try the Toilet Dye Test

To make sure that your toilets are running correctly, they should be checked. When a water leak is present, you can flush away a large volume of water. On average, 30 percent of your total water consumption is used up by toilets. You can try the toilet dye test at home to detect water leaks.

The test is very easy. All you need is some food color and drop some of it in the toilet tank and wait for like 10 minutes to check the results. If, after waiting 10 minutes, you find color in the bowl, then Water leak repairs will be necessarily present there. It is a sign that water is leaking from the tank to your drain without flushing the toilet.

5. Check If the Outdoor Faucet is Leaking

Make sure to check the outdoor faucet for leakage. To inspect outside fixtures, you need to attach a garden hose, turning on the water, and looking for leaks. While the water is turned on and the water seeps through the connection, you need to replace the rubber hose gasket.

Call a professional plumber any time you discover a water leak. Stop the unnecessary usage of water with our affordable and quality plumbing services today.

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