Importance of Drones to Real Estate

These days you all know that the use of different gadgets for different operations has become a trend. Gadgets like drones are significantly used for doing aerial photography for weddings, real estate and making adventure and travel-related videos. Drones have revolutionized the way photography is done. Nowadays, most of the brochures of real estate are […]

6 Tips to Be Successful in College

Succeeding in college boils down to four words—have consistent good habits. It’s that simple! But it all depends on your definition of good, and most people normally define it as success in exams and coursework. Some students follow others who seem to top in subjects. However, this does not work. One can be good when […]

How is the Mineral Industry Shaping the Economy?

In the past two decades, Oklahoma has encountered several economic slowdowns, especially in the mid-1980s after oil and gas prices crashed. This caused a drastic challenge to overall growth and development. However, due to its abundance in natural resources, Oklahoma thrived on refining naturally occurring minerals, raw materials and setting up manufacturing industries to withstand […]

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